It’s Apocalypse Now! A Financial Meltdown Would be Apocalypse.

This is a solution to the banking crisis in Cyprus. However, it might be termed as daylight robbery by some. What else can a bankrupt nation do? Go the Zimbabwean way and change to US currency? That would be too extreme. Plus you are disrupting the sovereign composition of the country. Woe to anyone who thinks about … Read more

Throttling of Artist Talent in India

We, here in India, are going through another frenzy of attack against artistic freedom. Two instances in the past week have delineated this for the observer. One is the banning of Salman Rushdie from the Calcutta Literary Festival and the other is the protest by Muslim organisations over actor Kamal Haasan’s movie Vishwaroopam. Firstly, Rushdie … Read more

Need to Curb Salaries of Directors in India

What I find pernicious about Indian corporations is the atrocious salaries paid to managing directors and the poor salary paid to employees down the line. I worked in a company where the salary of the peon (the lowest employee) was less than one-thousandth of the managing director’s. The managing director comes in a BMW while … Read more

The Question of Gender Equality and Demographics in India

I would call it an Indian phenomenon. I mean “eve-teasing.” In the aftermath of the Delhi gang rape and the outrage that followed the discussion in the media (and offline) has provided some new insights. (Even the word “gangrape” has been made into one word in Indian media, which would point to its wide prevalence.) For example … Read more

India Will Not Be Able to Send Athletes to Olympics

“To suspend the Indian Olympic Association with immediate effect pursuant to Rules 27.9 and 59.1.4 of the Olympic charter until the Indian Olympic Association is in a position to satisfy all the conditions set out in the Olympic Charter and IOC’s requirements.” That’s a quote from a letter from International Olympic Committee (IOC) to India Indian … Read more

Times Literary Carnival to Take Off on December 7, 2012

Another literary festival is going to be held in Bombay on December 7. This is in addition to the Bombay Litfest organised by India’s top business how – The Tata Group – that concluded a few weeks ago in controversy over its awarding the lifetime achievement award to VS Naipaul, a writer of Indian descent. … Read more

Two Deaths

India’s premier city Bombay saw two noteworthy deaths in the past few days. Firstly, the leader and founder of the ultra-right party Shiv Sena died a natural death at age 86 leaving his legacy to his son and grandson. (Here’s a link to his life and times.) Bal Thackeray founded the party after he resigned … Read more

Kejriwal Alleges Top Indian Businessmen Have Secret Swiss Accounts

The continuing crusade against corruption in India has entered a new phase. Arvind Kejriwal, India’s own Julian Assange (who had promised to publicise one case of corruption every week), has come out with more than one case. He has now accused a list of businessmen of hiding black money in Swiss banks. What is more, … Read more

India’s Circle of Political Deceit

Corruption is not new in India. Politicians who control the funds consider corruption as their birthright. Raising the bogey of corruption has been a constant endeavour in the press these days. Then what happens? Half-hearted investigations are done, a few names are bandied around and the powerful people buy their peace. How? Because Indian politics … Read more