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India Will Not Be Able to Send Athletes to Olympics

“To suspend the Indian Olympic Association with immediate effect pursuant to Rules 27.9 and 59.1.4 of the Olympic charter until the Indian Olympic Association is in a position to satisfy all the conditions set out in the Olympic Charter and IOC’s requirements.”

That’s a quote from a letter from International Olympic Committee (IOC) to India Indian Olympic Association (IOA) banning it from participating in any Olympic activities, including the Olympic games. The reason is that IOA hasn’t conformed to the mandatory rules for free and fair elections and internal transparency in its dealings. The present office bearers were elected unopposed, probably due to fear in other members that any opposition would endanger their lives. Sitting on a chair in the IOA entitles the occupier to luxuries such as free travel to foreign countries, bribes while conducting selection games,  and much more and the same people who have dominated IOA have time and again held office as if the position belonged to their dynasty. There is considerable resentment about it but, as so happens in India, no one is willing come forward and put his neck in the noose.

The man who is king-maker in IOA is a convicted politician and his word is law. How can this be true in a democratic set up? Well, that’s the way it is in India. In the last London Olympics India peformed its best ever by winning four medals. (A poor tally considering its size and scope.) But it seems it will have to content with not winning any medals in future because of corrupt politicians and their lackeys who are in power in IOA.

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